Matt Larsen


Alf / Stranger Things

In case you wondered why an alien looked so much like a cute muppet, it’s important to remember that mimicry is nature’s way of luring in the unwary.

Edgar Alien Poe

An Inktober challenge, this is another alien mashup combining everyone’s favorite first American Gothic writer with an HR Giger-inspired body.

Love Conquers Hate

Political satire of our current Presidency, inspired by the classic image, Dewey Defeats Truman. Color and hand size choices limited by situation.

Homage to Aladdin

Aladdin soaring among the towers of Agrabah, rendered in colorful, organic lines.


Referenced from a McDonald’s Happy Meal Bumblebee mask, this cyberpunk is a child warrior in a future world where thoughts connect from continents away and killer games have real world consequences. She does not trust you.

Playing Chickens

Star Wars walker meets its baby inspiration. Created on paper with pencil, Pilot Precise Roller Ball V5 and shading marker.

Batman Over Gotham

The Dark Knight uses his cape as a hang glider, soaring over city streets that from a distance look like the tendons of some great beast he must tame. Drawn in pen on white paper and digitally reversed.